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 New Product!! 

 JBT Marine is proud to announce that we are the WA distributor for Barnacle Rid, an Australian designed and built product which is 
 revolutionizing the tiresome and costly task of keeping our vessels free of hardshell growth.

                                                                                        Ever had this problem ???

Barnacle Rid

Unleash the power of copper: 

For your criuser, yacht, catamaran or marina pen!

New permanent dock system available for your Pen!
Covering two boats at once with 4 electrodes permanently attached to your pen
and one control box running on shore power.

Before Barnacle Rid                                        13 Months of Barnacle Rid Use

Barnacle Rid prevents barnacle growth on your boat’s hull and submerged parts!

See Barnacle Rid in action to find out how easy it is to take care of your anti-foul problems with Barnacle Rid.

Reduce lift fees
No more scrubbing and scraping
No more anti-foul worries

See the Barnacle Rid video below to see how effective our system is.

Our system comes with full installation requirements: custom wiring loom (made to your boats specs), nylon covered poly-core cord with 316 Stainless steel clips attached, waterproof Deutsch plugs
to simply plug and play, a user manual, a container to store your barnaclerid system whilst cruising and support contacts via mobile or email 24 hours 7 days a week to help with any questions.
You’ll even get a Barnacle Rid cap to keep the sun or rain off.


Barnacle Rid System - See how it works!

Copper has been used by mariners for centuries to prevent barnacles from attaching to their boats. Our sophisticated new system simply enhances the effects of copper’s protective properties.
Just between 2-4 electrodes are needed to protect your whole boat (depending on hull size and type).

Sophisticated electronic controller
Low power consumption (0.3 – 1.2 Amp hour, depending on climate setting)
Variable control to suit any climate
Easy installation onto your boat

Barnacle Rid Benefits

The Barnacle Rid anti-foul system is a permanent solution to your ongoing antifoul problems. By using the Barnacle Rid system, you’ll be getting these great benefits:

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